Welcome to RAMP, Real Art Make Print at Ocean Studios

Letterpress: bring a modern twist to an age-old craft

You can do this

Hire the letterpress spaces to create your own work. We have a wide range of equipment, all in good working order.
You can hire the historic Albion press built in 1858 and working as sweetly as ever. You can use a paper size of up to 60cms x 60cms, to print the loudest of posters.

In the print room there’s an Adana Press for small-scale printing, and a Heuer cylinder proof press for A3 work.

You will need training and supervision to use the Heidelberg Platen (in the cafe space) and FAG 405 Control proofing press (in the print room) so email for details.

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The Albion Press at Ocean Studios
Albion Press at Ocean Studios
The Heidelberg 'Windmill' Platen printing press at Ocean Studios
The Heidelberg ‘Windmill’ Platen printing press at Ocean Studios

Digitising letterpress fonts and textures

Want to take your physical prints to the next level? In this one-day workshop, learn how to create beautiful prints using authentic vintage presses with various mark-making techniques and materials. Then in the afternoon, take a dive into the digital world and learn how to scan, process, and use these printed marks and textures in design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and even After Effects. Learning to capture the charm of physical print in your digital work is a great way to tie together your online presence with your physical artwork.
Join RAMP Letterpress Lead Alan Qualtrough and Digital Expert Tim Saunders for a brilliant interdisciplinary workshop on how to merge new and old technologies.

Join a two-day workshop

Join Letterpress expert Alan Qualtrough for a two-day workshop to learn the skills of setting type, mixing ink and using one of Ocean Studio’s vintage presses. Under skilled guidance, you will be able to produce a piece of visual art such as a poster, greetings card, or some lines of your favourite poem.

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