Welcome to RAMP, Real Art Make Print at Ocean Studios


Beth Munro leading a monoprinting workshop
Ocean Studios artist Beth Munro leading a monoprinting session
An image showing a collagraph print and its ghost image
A collagraph on the left and a ghost image of the print shown right


An exciting spontaneous process because sometimes the outcome is a surprise. The artist can’t always control the end result, and the range of random textures and depth of colour that can be achieved is fantastic.
The process begins by inking a clear piece of plastic with special oil-based inks with a roller or palette knife.
Different colours can be applied simultaneously, or a single pale background colour can be printed first to begin a layering that will be later overprinted.
For more complicated designs, stencil cut-outs made of cardboard or paper can be placed on the plate to create negative space.
When ready, the plate is placed on Ocean Studios’ large intaglio press and printed with an impression that enhances and deepens the colours and textures.
A second proof can be taken without inking the plate, which produces an ethereal effect described as a ‘ghost print’.