Ocean Publishing Partnership

Ocean Publishing Partnership is a collaboration between Real Ideas, Slate Publishing House, and the Stonehouse Voice to run a literacy project at Ocean Studios.

The project is centred around our two printing presses and our collection of books in the cafe. These will help us raise literacy levels in our neighbourhood.

The availability of books is crucial for Stonehouse because the district has no public library; this at a time when literacy levels are of concern in Plymouth and elsewhere.

The presses will power the project that includes printing, writing and poetry courses and opportunities for individuals to self publish.

The book collection in the cafe allows you to enjoy a book while having a coffee, and you’ll be able to take it away and return it when you have read it.

We’re also operating a book recycling scheme so you can leave unwanted books with us, and we’ll put them to use again.

The Print room also has a small collection of graphic design and typography ooks.

Writing, reading and self-expression will be central to our collaborations with community groups, individuals and schools.

Let us know if you would like to help us run the project or participate in any way.

In the coming months, we’ll be programming a series of creative writing, poetry, and design and publishing courses led by some of the best talents in the region.

There will also be hands-on sessions to take part in, including bookbinding and stationery-making courses.

Check our What’s On for workshop dates or email for further information.

We’re very grateful to Plymouth Octopus (POP) Collectives Fund for a £5,000 grant to start the project.

The Albion Press at Ocean Studios
The Albion Press at Ocean Studios
The Heidelberg 'Windmill' Platen printing press at Ocean Studios
The Heidelberg ‘Windmill’ Platen printing press at Ocean Studios