Maker Studios at Ocean Studios

Sewing socials

Make @ 140 workshop
Make @ 140 workshop

Make at 40 runs a wide range of courses at Ocean studios, from sewing lessons to embroidery and hand-stitching to making your summer dresses. There’s even a get to know your sewing machine event and repair recycle and revamp courses.

Ceramics courses

Ceramics with Tweeny at the Pottery

Enjoy the hands-on experience of working with clay during a workshop with Tweeny at the Pottery. You can choose from a range of options from a 10-week course to just a few hours on an afternoon. Make mugs vases or learn about surface decoration. 

Work by Ewa Morawski
Ewa Morawski

Embroiderer, textile design

Nina Westwood

Fashion designer – Minski Fashion is dedicated to unique and sustainable clothing

Tweeny at the Pottery

Ceramicist, Teacher

Bespoke workshops and courses for people at any level.

An image of Letterpess characters
Kiss & Bite Letterpress

Letterpress for the 21st century, design and writing.

Jimmy Swindells


Portraits, Performing Arts, Commercial and Product Photography

Slate Publishing House

Slate Publishing House specialises in producing hand-crafted, artisanal publications and prints. Supports the ‘library underdog’.

Intercity Studio

Intercity is an independent graphic design studio known for its highly considered multi-disciplinary approach.

Make @ 140

A modern fabric shop with unusual patterns, buttons, and gifts. Plus sewing workshops.

Ocean City Media

Ocean City Media is a content production company specialising in video storytelling.

Fotonow CIC

Fotonow CIC is a socially motivated organisation focussing on creative photography/ film projects in the South West.

In The Making

Collaborative duo Tressa Thomas & Maia Walton, exploring socially engaged making through ceramics.