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Screen Printing

Screen printing involves using a fine mesh screen to transfer ink onto a substrate such as paper, fabric, or metal. The screen is prepared by blocking out areas not to be printed leaving open spaces or stencils through which ink can pass.

To begin the process, the screen is positioned over the substrate, and ink is poured onto the top of the screen.

A squeegee is then used to spread the ink over the stencil and to force it onto the substrate. The ink is then allowed to dry or cured using heat to ensure it adheres properly to the substrate.

Screen Printing can create a wide range of designs, patterns and images and is commonly used to print T-shirts, posters, signs and other promotional materials. 

It is a versatile, cost-effective printing method that produces high-quality results with vibrant colours and sharp details.

Screenprinting at Ocean Studios
Screenprinting at Ocean Studios